The Queen Creek Economic Development Department is pleased to provide various sources of data and analytical reports for your business location or expansion decision-making process. The Town, located in the Greater Phoenix East Valley, has a number of attributes that make it an especially attractive place to do business, including:

Queen Creek is growing, with a current population of 76,500, and anticipating a 76% population increase in 10 years. The Town projects to have 150,000 residents at build out.

Queen Creek has a vibrant economy with one of the highest median incomes in Maricopa County at $129,605.

Queen Creek has a well-educated population, with 77% of persons over age 25 having some college or a college degree.

Queen Creek has a youthful population, boasting a median age of 33.7 years old, the youngest median age in the East Valley, offering a ready-to-work pipeline of talent for your business.

Queen Creek is a family-oriented, accessible community with an average household size of 3.21. (US Census 2017-2021)

Market Profile Analysis

Considering locating or expanding to Queen Creek? The Economic Development Department can provide customized reports. Please contact Marissa Garnett.          

(Source: ESRI, 2020)